Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September Playlist

    How is it already the end of September? On the bright side, it's officially spring, which means that summer is just around the corner(!!!!!). To celebrate the end of September and the beginning of spring, here are the songs i've been listening to on repeat (and loving) this month.

1) Just ALL the Hozier songs: I discovered Hozier through Teen Wolf (Yes I am 21 and I watch Teen Wolf, I am not ashamed). This is a playlist with all my favourite Hozier songs. GO LISTEN, you will not be disappointed.

2) Badge and Gun- John Mayer: This is one to add to your 'rainy Sunday morning' playlist. John Mayer is one an artist i'll still be listening to when i'm old and in a motorised scooter.

3) Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran: Ed Sheeran can do no wrong when it comes to music. This is what I started to listen to after I (slightly) got sick of 'Thinking out loud'. I lie, don't think I could ever get sick of that song.

4) The Girl- City and Colour: Don't know why I love this song, just do.

5) Drop the Game-Flume & Chet Faker: I love both artists individually and I love what they created together.

6) Daydreamer- Adele: When is Adele releasing her next album?! Absolutely love Adele and the emotion and passion she is able to convey through her music.

7) Budapest- George Ezra: Yes, most of the world loves this song but it's a really good song. I really want to move to London now and just go to pubs and listen to whoever is playing that night in the hopes of listening to the next Ed or George!

8) Shake it off- Taylor Swift: Wish I didn't like it as much as I do, but this song is a real mood lifter. I have, on one occasion, listened to it 10 times in a row.

9) Fever to the form- Nick Mulvey: No words can describe my love for this song.

10) Toxic- Alex and Sierra: I heard this song ages ago, and then recently realised that they actually won The X Factor which prompted me to listen to all their songs-covers and originals. However, their cover of Toxic will always be my favourite song of theirs.

Which songs have you been listening to on repeat? Have you discovered any new artists? 
Till next time..

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How to: Procrastinate

    I often think of myself as the Queen of Procrastination-although i'm not 100% sure if i'm proud of that title.In an effort to educate the rest of you that might struggle in this department, I thought i'd come up with a list of my favourite procrastination activities.

I present to you
 Milimal's Top 5 Procrastination Activities

1: Procrastibaking: I have mentioned on several occasions (here, for example) my love for baking-paricularly when I have an exam or assignment due the next day. The fact that this activity is both entertaining and rewarding makes it an all time favourite.

2: Binge watching a television show: If I were to list all my talents (I have very few, mind you), binge watching would be at the top of the list. Last year I successfully watched the first season of 'The Mindy Project' a few days before an important lab report was due and last semester I binge watched all seasons of 'The O.C.' during the two weeks leading up to exams. I'm not proud of it, but hey, not many people can say they have achieved the same while still getting relatively good grades!

3: (Re)Reading Harry Potter: When things get particularly stressful, I go old school and pick up my tattered copies of Harry Potter (all seven books I must add). There is something particularly comforting about reading 'Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.', for the 50th time. Also, on recommendation from a friend, I discovered the audio books read by Stephen Fry-those are reserved for special occasions when your eyes are super tired from sitting in front of a screen, seven hours straight, trying to write about the advantages and disadvantages of dimensional classification of psychoses. Plus, you can never go too wrong with Harry Potter to distract you when you are freaking about how you have to research and write 1000 more words in a few hours.

4: Online 'shopping': Now, as a student, I cannot afford to purchase everything that lands up in my shopping cart. However, it is still satisfying to place items, no matter how ridiculous( Hey, I COULD pull off that tie dye shirt, I mean 90s fashion is so in right now!), into that virtual shopping cart. Plus, online shopping is sort of like reading a magazine. Minus all the articles.

5: YouTube: The amount of work i'd get done if I stopped falling into the YouTube video black hole. 'What's in my bag' videos are my nemesis-I could watch those all day. Plus the cute dog videos. And Ellen Degeneres videos. And the Jimmy Fallon lip sync battles (my favourite is the one with Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon Levitt). SO MANY VIDEOS, SO LITTLE TIME!

And as a cheeky bonus,

6: This post: This post was conceptualised and written when I was supposed to be writing an important lab report. But, I enjoy writing, and it's constructive, so it's not entirely a waste of time. Plus, I'm getting rid of my essay writers block-aren't you supposed to just write whatever comes to you when you can't write about a particular topic!

There you have it, my top 5 procrastination activities. I'm not proud (okay, maybe just a little bit) but as long as you get your work done (eventually..five minutes before it's due) there's no harm in having a little fun. What do you like to do when you have that important exam/assignment worth 60% of your grade that you are so underprepared for?

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Today is a good day.

    After a few hectic weeks it was finally time to have a relaxing Friday. My friends and I had a lovely breakfast at My Other Brother in Camberwell. It was lovely to not have to talk or think about assignments and work, even just for a few hours. To add to the loveliness of our catch up breakfast, kikki.k had a sale and we found some adorable notebooks that perfectly summed up our day.
     What's your idea of a perfect Friday? 
Till next time..

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Coffee for one.

   Now that it's getting warmer, it's time to make the transition from hot cappucinos to sweet iced lattes. I have a weird obsession with stovetop espresso machines and I believe that it is one of the best ways to make coffee at home- I could be wrong though! It's a ritual i've seen my mum and dad perform every morning for as long as I can remember and so maybe I just have a weird psychological attachment to a coffee pot- who knows?! During the cooler months, I add the espresso to hot, frothy milk and closer to summer time I switch it for cold milk and ice cubes.
    I've also rediscovered my love for Hozier. Such a talented artist and I really love listening to his music when i'm studying-it's calming but not distracting. My favourites are Arsonist's LullabyFrom Eden and Cherry Wine.
Who are your favourite artists? Who do you listen to when you study? What are your favourite morning traditions?
Till next time...

Monday, 15 September 2014

Snapshots:Caribbean Gardens and Market

    I love me a good market and my ideal Sunday morning involves sunshine, pancakes and a market. This Sunday was the first sunny one I got to spend outdoors after a long time. It would have been a waste to not go out on that gorgeous day so I dragged my mum along to the Carribean Gardens and Market. It's filled with a tonne of vendors selling things from potted plants to creepy barbie dolls to fake Prada bags to an assortment of fruit and veg.
    It was nice to walk around with JUST a jumper-IT'S SPRING, IT'S SPRING! Can you tell I love the sun?
What do you love to do on Sundays?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Let the memory live again.

        Memories can be triggered by the simplest things. A smell, a song, the way the flame dances in the wind-all triggers for a forgotten memory. These pictures trigger memories of when I lived in India, specifically when I stayed with my grandparents for a few months. 
        What sights/smells/sounds have triggered memories for you lately?